Children are special patients and require special professional methods. They need to be worked on quickly since they are impatient and often very frightened.

Our staff's professionalism and experience in child psychology allow us to successfully treat even the most demanding little patients.

Teeth coating, especially of permanent teeth, is a necessary protection and it makes early teeth more resilient to decay. Treatment of early teeth is the best guarantee for healthy teeth at a later age. Teeth coating protects from caries by applying a surface coating with the addition of fluoride.

Such simple methods and treatments guarantee healthy teeth in the future. High-quality initial examination and multidisciplinary analysis of the condition of the child's teeth as carried out at Primus – dental clinic, enable the provision of the best possible advice and application of the optimum course of treatment. In this way, we prevent any future discomfort and provide the child with solid foundations for healthy and beautiful teeth at adult age.

A good pediatric dentist should know how to transfer calmness and good humor onto the child.

„We treat our patient, not the tooth“