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Dentist’s advice

Post-surgery instructions for the patients

Avoid chewing and brushing your teeth on the operated side on your jaw.

Clean the rest of your teeth normally.

Avoid rinsing your mouth cavity within first 24 hours after surgery

After 24 hours you may start using the mouthwash solution based on CHX (chlorhexidine), 2-3 times on daily basis, max. for 2 weeks.

Stitches are removed 7 days after the surgery.

Do not smoke for the first 2-3 days (or at least 2 weeks after implantology).

Take the 1st painkiller pill 30 minutes after the surgical procedure.

During the first few days after the procedure, some pains at/or around the operated area may possibly occur, which should be alleviated with the prescribed painkillers.

Do not use Aspirin, Andol of any other medicaments containing acetylsalicylic acid, because it may possibly cause bleeding.

Slight bleeding after the surgery is normal.

Hold down the cheesecloth (received after the surgery) by pressuring it with your teeth on the operated area, for at least 15 minutes.

If any heavier bleeding happens later, place a clean cheesecloth on the operated area and hold it tight with your teeth or in the case of mild bleeding from the stitches a damp bag of tea can be applied on them.

Avoid mouth washing anyhow.

It is possible for a swelling to arise after the procedure.

If swelling occurs several hours after the procedure, put some ice on the outer side of the treated area (hold on some ice, not more than 5 minutes ongoing, than perform 10 minutes break), swelling should decrease after.

Eat softer food during the first 2-4 days.

Avoid any hot food and drinks and drinking through a straw for a first 2-3 days.

Avoid physical activities and exposure to sunlight during 48-72 hours after the procedure.

Instructions following the closure of the sinus communication or sinus lift operation

Avoid blowing the nose, sneezing, any heating of the wound, and any heavy physical effort, during the first two weeks after the surgery. Be advised to take a softer food (lukewarm), and to chew on the opposite side of the operated area.

Use a nasal spray ( eg. “Olynth”, “Operil” ), 3 x daily, at following 5 days. Do not brush operated area during next 2 weeks following surgery. 24 hrs after the surgery, start using the oral cavity rinsing solution containing 0,12% CHX (chlorhexidine) 2-3 times on daily basis, max. for 2 weeks. Brush your other (non-treated) teeth normally.

Take your medications as instructed.

After the procedure, cool down your cheek at 10 minutes intervals.

Stitches are removed two weeks after the surgery.

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