Creating a smile

While the perception of an aesthetic smile is a subjective experience, there are actual mathematic and geometric concepts of lip-teeth ratio analysis and rules of structural beauty and facial harmony. This harmony can only be achieved on condition that the dentists and dental technicians’ team understand the smile analysis rule and clinical protocols, while at the same time respecting the individuality of the patient. However, given all these factors, such aesthetic procedures can bring spectacular results for the patients.

We work hand-in-hand with the dental technicians to create a brilliant smile for you.

Ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are the optimal aesthetic solution for improving the look of your teeth. The material used for producing the veneers looks identical to that of natural teeth, without making the teeth become thicker.

Putting up ceramic veneers is one of the most popular, easiest and safest aesthetic dental treatments to provide a shining, care-free smile.

Your smile is our business.

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are the affordable option for solving cosmetic problems in the frontal teeth line. The indications are similar to those for ceramic veneers, while these veneers also have a diagnostic purpose, as a method used in the phase of designing the shape and size of ceramic veneers – composite veneers are the temporary versions, to be later replaced by a permanent ceramic veneer solution. Their main advantage is that they can be created in a single visit to our clinic.

Aesthetic fillings

Although people are generally familiar with amalgam filling, today’s aesthetic trends suggest the use of composite fillings. Our clinic uses only composite fillings because this way we can achieve a more natural look for our patients’ teeth. The major advantage of using composite fillings is that, unlike with previously used amalgam fillings, which required the removal of a bit of healthy tooth tissue along with the tooth decay for amalgam retention, in this case we can remove only the decay and fill the tooth so that we get a great visual result.

Gummy smile

Gummy smile is a relatively common occurrence among our patients. Those patients affected find it awkward to smile, so they try to hide their smile, which may cause general discomfort in social situations.

In the case of wide gummy smiles, the teeth are usually small and there may also be diastemas (spaces between the teeth). This is solved by circumcision, i.e. by removing the excess gum section from the teeth. The overall procedure takes no more than ten minutes, and usually, the composite veneers, if needed, are put up in the same sitting, to form the optimal length, shape and color of our patient’s teeth.


White teeth have always been a sign of beauty and good health, so we are taught from the earliest age to focus on dental hygiene.

However, you have to know that tooth color is genetically determined and also has the tendency to become increasingly darker in hue, which is mainly related to various life style choices, such as consumption of black coffee, dyed soft drinks, red wine, and especially tobacco.

We understand the need for a simple and pain-free method of bleaching, so we use the splint and bleaching tray method.