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Patients often have great fear of dental interventions. In such cases, as well as with very extensive and long interventions, it is ideal to perform such interventions when the patient is in a state of analgosedation since the patient is completely relaxed and free from discomfort and pain.

However, analgosedation should not be confused with general anaesthesia. Prior to arrival for the adequate intervention that will be performed with analgosedation, the patient will be required to bring a general finding of their blood count and discuss his/her general health status with our anaesthesiologist.

The procedure is very simple. The patient is injected with certain medications that affect his/her state of mind and the feeling of pain through a thin plastic needle during the intervention. All the time the patient is under the monitoring of the anaesthesiologist. The medications used have a feature allowing them to induce amnesia, loss of memory for a given period, and even if there is a dose of discomfort, it is forgiven.

After the intervention, the patient is not allowed to drive a car and has to leave the Primus accompanied by a friend or a member of family.